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Discover the city of Chur

Historical buildings


Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland

The history of Chur goes back a long way. 13,000 years ago, Paleolithic hunter-gatherers lived for a time in what is now the city.

This is why Chur calls itself the oldest town in Switzerland. There is evidence of permanent settlements in the Bronze and Iron Ages (c. 2200-15 BC). Under Emperor Augustus (15 BC), the Romans conquered the region and incorporated it into their world empire.

Chur lies at the crossroads of several routes: from the Rhine Valley to the Oberland or Schanfigg and over the Julier, Septimer, San Bernardino and Spl├╝gen passes to the south. This is why Chur, with its good transport connections, was mentioned in a Roman road register at an early date (around 280). Chur has experienced an eventful destiny as a Roman vicus, bishop's and later guild town, a suburb of the Gotteshausbund and cantonal capital.

Here you will find a selection of historic buildings in the town of Chur.

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