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Touring exhibition "Rumantsch è..." in the town hall of Chur

Until March 2, the traveling exhibition "Rumantsch è..." can be seen in the Chur town hall on Poststrasse. It offers a lot of interesting information about the Romansh language.

Until the year 1100, people spoke Romansh far beyond today's cantonal borders. The Romansh-speaking area reached as far north as Feldkirch and thus encompassed a large part of what is now the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. People also spoke Romansh in Sargans and on Lake Walen. Even today, Romansh-sounding field names such as Prapafir, an area in the municipality of Wartau in Werdenberg, bear witness to this. This is just one of the exciting aspects of the exhibition "Rumantsch è...". In addition to looking back, visitors to the exhibition will also learn where the most Rhaeto-Romanic speakers live in Switzerland today outside the canton of Graubünden and how they stay in touch with their mother tongue in associations and groups. It also goes into more detail about the five idioms and Rumantsch Grischun and how various terms are written and pronounced in the idioms.

Living language

Also included are new trends such as comics and games that have already appeared in Romansh and show how alive the language still is. For example, the computer game "Mundaun", which has already been favorably described in the "Washington Post". The exhibition was on display until now in the House of the Cantons in Bern.

Since January 12 and until March 2, it can be seen at Chur City Hall, from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information on the exhibition "Rumantsch è...",

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