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On the history of the merger municipalities

The municipal archives of Chur are showing an exhibition on the history of the former municipalities of Maladers and Haldenstein. The display windows of the town hall offer interesting insights from the oldest archaeological finds to the 21st century.

The mergers of Maladers and Haldenstein with Chur in 2020 and 2021 marked the beginning of a new chapter in the town's history. Maladers in the agricultural Schanfigg was once known for its hemp cultivation. In addition, the most beautiful Roman bronze statuette in Graub√ľnden was found there. Haldenstein, on the other hand, has a castle in the village centre and a townscape of national importance. There are no less than three castle ruins in the area of the former lordship: Haldenstein, Lichtenstein and Grottenstein. The mergers with Maladers and Haldenstein were not the first in Chur's history: the formerly politically independent farm community became part of the town of Chur as early as 1852.

The town archive is Chur's memory, even within the new town boundaries. With this exhibition, the archive would like to draw attention to the importance of private bequests for the transmission of Chur's everyday and cultural history. Among other things, this is intended to appeal to potential donors from Maladers and Haldenstein.

The panels for this showcase exhibition can be downloaded as a PDF file fromhttps://www.chur.ch/geschichte.

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