Il mio riflesso / Marco Piroddi
Il mio riflesso / Marco Piroddi


From the top kitchen to the studio

Marco Piroddi worked in gourmet kitchens in Germany and Switzerland. With the same passion, he has been devoting himself more intensively to his art for several years. Until September 13, 2022, his works, which have not yet been shown, are now on display in Chur.

Under the title "Restrizioni - when images...break frames" Marco Piroddi not only wants to make you look, but also to make you think. "My work is characterized by the question of how personal and social restrictions limit, but how new possibilities can also arise as a result. The pandemic in particular is a good example of this. While it meant great restrictions for many people, for me it was also an opportunity for development, as previously valid life structures were lifted."

He says that his previous work in various top kitchens helped him to focus at the right moment, but also showed him that this only allows for part of his creative possibilities.

The space for his exhibition is specially chosen in that it is entirely at odds with the title. "I don't think I've ever had so much space for my paintings. There is no trace of "spatial restrictions." I am curious how this is transferred to the visitors."

The vernissage will take place on August 06, 2022 at Gäuggelistrasse 2 in Chur. The exhibition "Restrizioni - when pictures...break frames" will be on display until September 13, 2022.

About the person

Marco Piroddi was born on June 1, 1984 in Sardinia. At the age of 16 he moved to Germany with his family and finished school there. After completing his culinary education, he worked in France, Germany and Switzerland. In 2017 grew the vision of a constant, which was found in the medium of painting. A new possibility for him to represent his creativity independent of the outside world, unconstrained and profound. After intensive examination, his ideas found a place on large-format canvases.

Since 2018, Marco Piroddi lives with his partner, a dancer and teacher, and their young son in Zizers.

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