Ausstellung Urgeschichte, Chur - Photo: Ausstellung Urgeschichte Chur
Ausstellung Urgeschichte, Chur - Photo: Ausstellung Urgeschichte Chur


Prehistory Exhibition

Ausstellung Urgeschichte, Chur

Prehistory becomes an experience in the didactic exhibition Prehistory.

Designed as an educational centre, the exhibition depicts the history of Earth and humankind until the Roman age. The respective eras are introduced and illustrated by numerous exhibits. In addition to fossils, there original artefacts, faithful reproductions and casts of objects ranging from the Ice Age to the Roman period. Ethnographic objects allow for cross-cultural comparison, for example with Papua New Guinea or Tibet.

Great emphasis is placed on making history come alive. Thus, the prehistory exhibition is perfectly suited for schools. The museum also provides teaching materials about ancient and prehistoric history. A teaching kit about Rome is available for school teachers.

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Ausstellung Urgeschichte
Tittwiesenstrasse 100
7000 Chur


Jeweils 1. und 3. Donnerstag des Monats, 19 - 21 Uhr (oder nach Absprache)


  • Museum


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