Torch Reads "Blauer Samt" - 1
Torch Reads "Blauer Samt" - 1

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Torch Reads "Blauer Samt"

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Reading with songs - insight into the history, philosophy, science and educational aspects of hip hop.

Frederik Hahn aka Torch belongs to the first hip hop generation in Europe and is one of the central figures in the history of German hip hop.

With his band Advanced Chemistry, he toured the entire German-speaking region as early as the late 1980s, releasing songs such as "Fremd im eigenen Land" (1992) and "Artikel Operation 3" (1994), among others, and thus establishing the genre of German Conscious Rap.

With his fusion of rap, philosophy and literature, he continues to inspire generations of hip-hop artists* - from Jan Delay to Materia, who refer to him, most recently, for example, in the form of the album "Advanced Chemistry" (2016) by Jan Delay's and Denyo's rap band Beginner, with whom Torch went on tour together.

His solo album "Blauer Samt" (2000) is considered one of the most important albums of German hip hop. Its importance is evident, among other things, in the choice of titles for albums based on it, such as "Grüner Samt" (2012) by Marsimoto, "Lila Samt" (2014) by Sookee or "Normaler Samt" (2015) by Audio88 and Yassin.

In the field of hip-hop research, he contributed his historical expertise as an expert for a variety of publications and has also been publishing himself for a few years. In his book, "Blauer Samt - Eine Monografie" (2021), he illuminates, among other things, the genesis and aesthetics of his masterpiece. In addition, he founded the Hip Hop Archive in Heidelberg in 2019, curated the Hip Hop Symposium at the Popakademie Mannheim and has been an Advisory Board Member of the Global Hip Hop Studies Journal and the Universal Hip Hop Museum New York since 2021.

In this "Reading with Songs," Torch will read excerpts from his monograph, providing insight into his perspective on the history, philosophy, science, and educational aspects of hip hop.

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15/2/2023   20:00 - 22:00 h


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