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Rap, Hip-Hop

Projekt ET

Werkstatt Kultur-Bar, Chur

Energetic hip hop with witty punchlines and clear statements.

Somewhere between hip-hop hands, mosh pits and dancing like there's no tomorrow. Project ET brings a varied mix of witty punchlines and clear statements and impresses with an energetic live show.

With their debut album "Planet Erdbeertörtli" and a convincing performance at the SRF Bounce Cypher, the Wiler rap crew has become a national figurehead of the Eastern Swiss rap scene. In November 2023, they released their second album "Moralpanik", with which they further underpinned their status and took another big step into the Swiss hip-hop scene.

About Project ET

Epik and Takle have practically always known each other - they used to go scouting in the forest together and later spent the whole night out on the town together. They earned their first spurs at the legendary St. Gallen freestyle bar in Flon. In 2017, they started working on tracks together and have been touring together as Project ET since 2018.

With their mixtapes "Jetzt", "Sunne" and "Kauderwelt", the two Wiler natives were also able to make themselves heard on a (digital) sound carrier. The combination of their witty lyrics and socio-critical themes was quickly well received. Thanks to a high concert density, the two were able to benefit from a lot of live experience even before the pandemic.

Their EP "Nur so am Strand", released during the pandemic, was for some the answer to the question "What comes after the crisis?". The release of this EP was immediately the starting signal for their biggest project to date, namely their first album "Planet Erdbeertörtli". This debut album brought the crew, which has been completed by DJ Tr11sh since 2022, far beyond the borders of Eastern Switzerland.


2/10/2024   20:00 - 22:00 h


CHF 20.00 / CHF 15.00



Werkstatt Kultur-Bar
Untere Gasse 9
7000 Chur


Kulturverein Werkstatt Chur
Untere Gasse 9
7000 Chur


  • Hip-Hop
  • Rap

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