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Häberli Oggier - Countdown

Werkstatt Kultur-Bar, Chur

With "Countdown" the Bernese duo "Häberli Oggier" presents us their already second spoken word program in the form of a reading live in the Werkstatt Chur.

Three more days until the vacations, five more weeks until the dream body, ten more years until retirement, five until the escalation of the climate catastrophe, nine months until Mars and about fifteen seconds until the end of this press text - eternity in bites. Time does not stand still, so you have to use it properly. In this respect highly recommendable: the new program of Häberli Oggier. Exactly one hundred wonderfully invested minutes of your valuable time.

"Countdown" is a reading with stories, pictures and films about countable, tellable, cash and about what we hope to find at the end of the countdown.

Lorenz Häberli and Luc Oggier grew up in and around Bern. They both studied history and German language and literature, make music as "Lo & Leduc", are part of the Autor:innenwerkstatt Atelieer and together form the duo "Häberli Oggier". "Countdown" is their second spoken word program after "Wörter wie wir" and promises to be another great success.

By and with Lorenz Häberli and Luc Oggier.
Directed by Reeto von Gunten. A production of Atelieer.
Photo: Mirjam Kluka

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5/4/2023   20:00 - 22:00 h


CHF 25.00 / CHF 20.00



Werkstatt Kultur-Bar
Untere Gasse 9
7000 Chur


Kulturverein Werkstatt Chur
Untere Gasse 9
7000 Chur


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