Photo: Karin Bächer, Chur - Die Alpenstadt
Photo: Karin Bächer, Chur - Die Alpenstadt


Graubünden Police Museum

Polizeimuseum, Chur

The Police Museum Graubünden is part of the Cantonal Police Graubünden. On display is the over 200-year history of the Landjäger and the police.

The Police Museum in Chur shows how organised units of gamekeepers of the 19th century developed into the canton’s current, multi-role police force. The story is illustrated with historical objects such as uniforms and arms, along with burglars’ break-in implements, money smugglers’ false-bottomed suitcases and murder weapons. Many of these original objects are linked to historical crimes, or bear direct witness to spectacular occurrences and important events in the history of the canton’s police force. The “police cinema” exhibits short films on the history of the force and its day-to-day work. Exhibits relating to the fight against narcotics are likewise on display in the museum.

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Monday to Friday upon application (by phone or form on

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Comercialstrasse 19
7000 Chur


Ohne Voranmeldung jeden ersten Dienstag im Monat von 14-17 Uhr
Ansonsten nach Absprache (siehe Führungen)




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