Galerie O - Photo: Chur - Die Alpenstadt
Galerie O - Photo: Chur - Die Alpenstadt


Art gallery OKRO Design & Craft

OKRO Design & Craft, Chur

Gallery for contemporary design and craft

In close collaboration with designers, craftsmen and architects, the young Swiss label, OKRO, develops objects and furniture. OKRO explores the limits of what is possible and impossible, of usefulness and beauty, of being an end in itself and a space in between of history and duration. In the gallery OKRO, new objects are shown in regular exhibitions.

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OKRO Design & Craft
Tittwiesenstrasse 21
7000 Chur

Opening hours

Während Ausstellung
Donnerstag bis Freitag 14-18 Uhr
Samstag 12-16 Uhr
Oder auf Anmeldung unter oder Tel. +41 79 345 83 53


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