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Argyle (Solo)

Werkstatt Kultur-Bar, Chur

The Scottish musician Argyle has big goals. On long Saturday he plays a solo set at Werkstatt Chur.

Argyle is one of those guys you meet unexpectedly in a pub, only to realize two hours and a few beers later: Someone has experienced quite a lot in his young life. It's hardly surprising that the singer and musician writes episodes to soften the hardest of hearts. Argyle's backpack, which he has been carrying around since childhood, not only provides material and inspiration for songs, but also provides the Scottish-born singer with a daily sense of purpose and drive to move forward. Argyle himself knows, "My musical journey started a long time ago. And I can see where it's taking me. But the goal must clearly be the international stage." Even if the Scottish all-rounder - he writes songs with Marius Bear or Stress, taps beer in Zurich's alleys or spends a large part of the winter in the Grisons mountains - has big goals, it all started on a small scale.

Argyle grew up in extremely modest circumstances as the son of an Indian and a Scotswoman, proved himself to be a good student, got to know the pitfalls of a bleak industrial town on the Scottish coast, and as a teenager finally moved to Leicester, England, only to discover that the city near Brighton kills dreams: "Don't go there," says the likeable contemporary, smiling bittersweetly. So it was not to be the end of the line in Leicester. And Argyle did what many artists often do when there is only a small strip left on the horizon: The singer-songwriter lost himself in his music and began writing his own songs on his guitar. Eight years ago, Argyle finally stranded in Amsterdam and not much later, for love's sake, in his new home, Switzerland. Here, the creative seems to like it. And he likes it so much that he wants to open his new chapter in this country.

Soul meets folk meets pop: Argyle's melodic symbioses often give rise to the suspicion that he has eaten from the same plates as Nutini or Capaldi. Admittedly, this comparison is not completely out of the blue. The argyle tincture gathers melody, melancholy and an unmistakable rough voice that resonates for a long time. So it will not be surprising if the passionate Scot will one day also inspire people live for his immense talent. Just as he did back then as a street musician in Amsterdam, where often after a short time a whole bunch of people gathered around him. A nice thought that makes Argyle optimistic about the future: "I love playing in front of people. I would like to do this until I don't feel like it anymore. Which will probably never happen at all." Hopefully not.

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Festival ticket Long Saturday: CHF 25.00 / 5.00


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Werkstatt Kultur-Bar
Untere Gasse 9
7000 Chur


Kulturverein Werkstatt Chur
Untere Gasse 9
7000 Chur


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